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儿童探索馆照明设计Beijing GYLPlighting design Co.,Ltd, professional night view of lighting design is a the today's social

lighting the development of strategic direction set up a professional lighting design company.

Company to undertake professional architectural lighting design, interior lighting design, landscape

lighting design, bridges, roads, lighting design, Urban Landscape Planning and Design We always

adhere to the integration of technology and art, the pursuit of creativity and individuality on the

rational foundation, wholeheartedly casting the new classic of the art lighting and lighting design

artistry and economy of the perfect combiation. We warmly look forward to working for government

agencies and enterprises and institutions to provide quality Nightscape Lighting Design services, but

also want to bear the design task, and work together to contribute to the Urban Nightscape of the art

lighting and lighting construction units.

Motive to create quality of light, brighten your life!

Light of the artistic and economic perfect, the art of casting lighting classic!

GYLP is pursuing。。。 


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